How does someone collaborate in this adventure?

I will explain how this works. In order to be able to do all the activities and projects, Young Life has a team that selflessly collaborate with the Foundation as volunteers. But you also need people who work to make everything work.

In 2013 I decided to join the Fundación Young Life group of workers. In order to do this, I have to get the money to cover all the expenses that this entails, from salary to taxes, through expenses derived from my work, travel, training courses and others.

For this, it is necessary for me to have a team that collaborates with me. Currently, about 50 people have trusted that this is the place where I should be, and for this they contribute or have contributed with a donation.

  • Form to join the adventure in a personal way.
  • Donation through Paypal (carries a small commission, the donation is minimally reduced)