Young Life is a Christian inspired international youth organization founded in 1941 and formed by a group of people with a vocation to work with youth and teenages.

We want to contextualize this international association to our culture and the needs of our young people. We have a human team that works with a vocation, making a personal investment in the lives of each of the young people with whom it works.

Young Life is located in more than 100 countries on the 5 continents, where each year it works with almost a million kids, thanks to the work of 60,000 volunteers and 5,000 employees.

Young Life’s objective is to create, develop and promote all kinds of activities and actions aimed at the defense, education and comprehensive development of young people and adolescents. We are committed to contributing and helping in formation and education in the positive values ​​that must serve as a basis for our society, motivating each young person to live and follow Jesus as a model of life.

At Young Life we ​​want to transform our context through solidarity action, based on commitment and responsibility, unconditionally respecting and loving each young person and adolescent regardless of their interests, participation or response to our programs or activities.